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A pawn shop is a great place to sell your estate, modern, or antique jewelry that’s no
longer being used. If you’ve noticed a few jewelry pieces that are collecting dust in
your jewelry box, consider selling the jewelry for cash to Cash for Gold.
Many people sell valuable items to pawn shops for many reasons. The most common
reasons are:

  • items are no longer of use to the owner
  • items are broken and the cost to fix is too high
  • owners don’t want items to depreciate so they sell before depreciation hits
  • owners need the extra cash for bills or debt
  • owners are ready to sell items that remind them of past experiences they’d rather not remember

If your items fall into any of these common reasons, stop by one of our two New
Hampshire locations to receive a no-obligation evaluation.

Pawn Shop Loans

At Cash for Gold, we offer pawn shop loans on purchases. Here’s how our pawn shop
loans work:

  • Monthly payments are 10% of the purchase total
  • Each item that’s put on a pawn shop no-interest loan is held for up to six months
  • Items that are on the pawn shop interest loan are held until the loan is paid in full

We don’t believe in conforming to the norm like most pawn shops who offer a 30-day term with a 20% interest rate. Our 6-month terms allow you to purchase something without added financial stress. We enjoy helping our customers, which is why we provide you with a solution that is reasonable.

At Cash for Gold, we provide loans on everything; diamonds, bullion, coin, gold and silverware. Each item is secure in a vault-like safe so you don’t have to worry about items disappearing that you’ve paid for.

As you can see, we like to keep the process. That’s why there are no credit checks necessary and we offer both cash or checks, whatever is easiest for you. We’re happy to answer any questions if you’re interested in our pawn and loan services. Contact us today or stop by one of our two New Hampshire pawn shop locations.

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