Sell Diamonds to Us

Looking To Sell Your Diamonds? Bring Them To Cash For Gold!

Selling diamonds, gems or stones you no longer wear is a great way to get some extra cash. This allows you to pay bills, take a vacation or put a down payment on a new vehicle. If you have old stones you don’t wear, bring them to Cash for Gold and let us buy them from you.

What Makes Us Knowledgeable

At Cash for Gold, we have the expertise and knowledge to offer you a fair price for your stones. We have over 10 years of experience buying and selling diamonds and other natural stones. In fact, the owner, Glenn, has taken Gemology Institute or America (GIA) courses to ensure we know exactly what kind of stone, cut, grade, clarity and color of diamond or gem you are bringing us.

What Sets Us Apart from Other Gold and Pawn Shops

At Cash for Gold, we have a vast knowledge of grading and appraising stones. This allows us to help you determine exactly what you have and offer you a fair value for it. We also have different outlets for selling various types of stones, including different shapes and sizes. This ensures that we are constantly buying and selling diamonds and gems.

Why We Can Offer You More Money Than Our Competitors

At Cash for Gold, we offer you more money than our competitors can offer. Since we are a smaller operation, we have less overhead and expenses. This allows us to operate on smaller profit lines, increasing the amount of money we can pay you. Are you looking to sell diamonds or other stones and gems? Be sure to visit or call Cash for Gold in New Hampshire at our Manchester location at (603) 232-5847 or our Concord location at (603) 226-2274. Before you sell any of your stones, let us appraise them and give you an offer.

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