Looking to Sell Sterling Silver?

Turn to Cash for Gold If you have sterling silver items that you no longer use, you may be considering selling them for cash. While there are many different companies that purchase sterling silver for cash, not every company is right for you. At Cash for Gold, we have many advantages over other companies that purchase sterling silver.

How We Determine a Price for Your Sterling Silver

At Cash for Gold, we investigate and research your sterling silver items. We will assess the value of the item based on its collectability, rarity and true value. We understand some items are worth more than their silver value and will pay accordingly. This allows you to get the most money for your sterling silver items.

The Types of Sterling Silver Products We Buy

We buy and sell sterling silver products including flatware, jewelry, and hollowware such as bowls, candy dishes and vases. When you bring in your sterling silver items, we will base our valuation on the market price for silver that day, as well as the value of the item.

Why Sell to Us

Get cash on the spot! At Cash for Gold, we are proud to be a local company. When you want to obtain cash for your sterling silver, simply bring your items directly to us and receive cash or a check the same day for your convenience. You’ll feel comfortable coming into our shop. We’re here to answer any questions or concerns you may have. When you are ready to sell your sterling silver for cash, turn to us at Cash for Gold. Visit one of our two New Hampshire offices, or call our Manchester location at (603) 232-5847 or our Concord location at (603) 226-2274.

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